We provide via our subsidiary Services tank leasing and terminal services

Given the increase in the demand for oil and gas and the high rise call for oil storage facilities and warehousing, We thereby increase our input and output, man-power and storage capacities in order to remain one of the leaders in the oil and gas business and to meet the needs of our customers. Through years of experience, Transbalt servis has become a preferred storage and warehousing provider for a various companies and customers.

Through our fleets

The company’s fleet consists of 11 modern vessels with total deadweight of more than 2.4 million tons. The plant has its own 7 and 4 chartered vessels – bunkers, which give us opportunity to be flexible and capable of coping with any demands of our clients, from small independent carriers to large shipping lines.

Our Storage and Transportation facilities

LLC Ultima Tank farm manages independently owned tank farms in Netherlands, which are operated by our management and not owned by oil companies in Netherlands and our management charges all oil companies the necessary bills for storage and handling their products. Our tank farms are situated above the ground and while some are beneath the ground with support for successful discharges of products into heavy duty oil tankers and pipelines. We have large industrial amenities for the storage of oil and petroleum products before these products are formally transported to the end users or further to storage facilities. Our farms tanks are positioned in various locations where ocean liners carrying products can discharge their cargo while some are technically attached to pipelines in other to draw our supplies through rails or barges and by heavy duty oil tankers. Most of our tank farms have heavy duty oil tankers operating from their grounds and these vehicles transport products to petrol stations or other users. The products which reaches our tank farms are from the refineries and suitable for delivery to customers because our tank farms are modern and comprises various types of tank age, pipelines and gantries with greater degree of automation as significant changes in depot operations. Our management guarantees healthy and safety environments (HSE) around the site where our tank farms are located as one of the key necessities because our operators guarantee the safety and handling of products, to prevent leakages that could dent the soil and aquatic habitat. We provide commercial trading strategy on every oil companies in Netherlands that lease our storage facilities for immediate dispatch to client’s chosen location and also hold large quantities of their products in our storage tanks in accordance with signed agreements to enable the products be sold on contract basis or future deliveries to prospective clients.


LLC Ultima Tank Farm and Logistics is among the leading company’s in Russia engineering services in terms of petroleum and petrochemical /chemical industries. The company is a expanding in holding and carries out a long intricate of works for oil and gas industry, including the visionary and well analysed engineering in terms of tank farms, petrol stations ; manufacturing and installation (including RVS, RGS) up to 65 000 m3) for the storage of oil, chemicals, project management, oil products, water, vegetable oils; production capacities; qualified engineering, supply of materials and equipment, utilization and processing of scrap, construction and certification of objects. The enterprise specializes on manufacture of tanks of hot water, the production of tanks, vessels, separators.


LLC Ultima Tank Farm and Logistics is one of the very few storage tank contractors to retain an in-house storage tank design team, with all its attendant benefits. Their expertise covers: Storage tank design API 650, API 620, EN14015, API 653 and EEMUA 159 Floating roof design Fixed roof design Storage tank assessments Failure investigations Design verification Tank repairs Tank jacking Structural design Mechanical equipment selection Relief valve sizing and selection Hemispheroid tank design.


Our storage tanks are manufactured in our workshops and delivered on-site for construction by our highly skilled personnel, many of whom have been with the company for more than 9 years. Most larger engineering companies would need to sub-contract storage tank construction resulting in significantly increased costs for you. By contracting directly with LLC Ultima Tank Farm and Logistics you save money and, with our unparalleled experience, can be rest assured we will build on time and on budget.

New build construction services include:

Design and supply of new storage tanks

Storage tank construction

Turnkey handling of projects

Specification of work scopes

Preparation of budgets

Supply of skilled labour and management of sub-contractors

Supply and erection of welded heavy steel structures

Associated pipework and process plant installation

Supply of tank roof seals and component parts

Term contractor

We offer tanks standing: PB, V, РВСС: LLC Ultima Tank Farm and Logistics has standing tanks (capacity) up to 6 600 000 m3; for storage of petroleum, chemicals, oil and gas storage in different location

Tank with a capacity of 12 000 m3

Tank with a capacity of 25 000 m3

Tank with a capacity of 40 000 m3

Tank with a capacity of 60 000 m3

Tank with a capacity of 65 000 m3

Reference information about the construction of tanks Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port (NCSP) in the eastern part of the Black Sea, The port situated at the crossroads of international transport corridors that connect Russia to the Mediterranean Sea, the Middle East, Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and North and South America · The only deep-water port in southern Russia. Trans Gaz operates the deepest berths in the CIS and the Baltic region: the maximum depth is 24.5 meters at oil loading terminal and 14.5 meters at berths for Transhipment of bulk, Favourable natural conditions. Ice-free Tsemes Bay allows year-round operations, and the port's system of sea walls and breakwaters provides sufficient protection for port facilities, minimizing downtime due to weather conditions· our able covered and open storage facilities · State-of-the-art handling equipment. ​.